A virtual quilt show – Quilts 4 & 5

These two quilts were made from a Quiltmaker pattern. A simple scalloped sashing between the string blocks is very effective. I don’t usually do needle turn applique but these scallops were easy.

The first one was made just with strips and strings from the *cool* side of the color wheel…blue, green, purple, and yellow.

The second was made from leftovers from a blue and yellow quilt.

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  1. These look great! I have a sticky note bookmark on that pattern in my own copy of Quiltmaker magazine because I think it would be a great Linus quilt. Glad to hear the horizontal curves are not too hard.Sorry I’ve been out of touch — computer woes, now remedied.

  2. Mmm…the scallops. Yours are as delightful as the edible ones! 😉Hope you’re having a wonderful time! The Cities are going to be even more full of color when you get back, I’m sure of it! It’s getting ch-chillier every day!

  3. I always liked your curvy quilts! I even have a little note in my “quilt binder” – Mary’s curvy quilt – on my list to do… someday! It was nice to see them here again!Cheers!Evelyn

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