1. Wow… I love this quilt! Very Amish-like! Great Swirls quilting too!Thanks for the virtual quilts show… love the “eye candies”… especially the two-color quilts.How’s little Chesty? I hope he is feeling better. Poor thing…

  2. This is a striking quilt. How big is it? Did you quilt it with invisable thread or what? I am currently quilting a black with leaves quilt using invisable thread: a challenge.

  3. I clicked back to Adam’s quilt. I would be hard pressed to pick between them. I love the way black lets color shine.Swirls on a diagonal playing field is an interesting artistic play … works very nicely. IMHO

  4. Wow – this is such a striking quilt! The colours pop so beautifully against the black. It’s so simple, but really makes a statement.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! Hands down my favorite of all you’ve shared with us! Thank you SO much 😉

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