I’m paralyzed by white space

See this tiny little wallhanging made by my sister? I’ve been debating all day what to quilt in this background. She doesn’t do any freemotion quilting so I could just meander it and it would be fine but no….

I start out the morning drawing things I might actually use on the quilt….maybe swirls

maybe swirls and curls….

maybe a leaf meander….

speaking of leaves – I just watched the DVD by Patsy Thompson…..these aren’t going on this quilt….
and neither is this……….
this certainly isn’t going on so why did I spend so much time drawing all this?

Oh look, it’s time to think about dinner….the top still isn’t started….

but we’ll have SOUP for supper!

Seriously, I’ve done nothing but load that top and draw all day – oh wait, I did make soup too!

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  1. All your drawings are good…and you will use them, even if not on this quilt. You’ll do an amazing job and she will be thrilled…don’t worry so much.The soup looks great! I made meatloaf tonight.

  2. lol Some days (weeks?) are like that. I always tell myself “this too shall pass.”Love your doodlings! That’s all a part of working though…so don’t beat yourself up.Yum…looks like you may even have some leftovers of soup!

  3. Mary, I do the same thing, not necessarily on white space but just on deciding what to do on a particular quilt. I do quilt for customers, but that doesn’t mean I know what to do on every single quilt. I, too, procrastinate and sometimes I just have to get it on the machine and force myself to start and then it all seems to come together. It’s OK! Lauri

  4. I enjoyed seeing all your practise sketches. I do the same thing before starting the actual quilting. And it leads you to the wonderful quilting you did on the actual quilt…it is awesome! I especially love the leaves and want to try that now!

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