Am I quilting?

As my son Adam says, “not yet”. First I decided I needed to make an entire scrabble alphabet. We’re having a few flurries so I walked out to our neighborhood coffee shop – I’d hoped for a little more but the forecast looks clear for the rest of the week.I did manage to get these 3 trimmed and ready for binding and pulled a top and back to load later this afternoon. Keith left this morning and will be gone until Friday so I should have plenty of time to quilt although I do have to clean as his sister will be visiting next weekend.
I picked up my track lighting today and the electrician is scheduled to come Monday afternoon….yeah!

The tutorial I tried to use was here. I think my letters are better than the ones in the tutorial but they’re not perfect by any means – if anyone wants a copy of the PNG or PSD file I’ll be glad to share.

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