Can you handle more Scrabble tiles?

After trying multiple sizes for these *pages* I’ve finally decided that I’ll work in a 7×5 format. I thought I was choosing between 8.5 x 11 and 8×8 both of which can be printed here at home but I like this size best. I can print here or online and realized tonight that I should even be able to print my own cards using this size. I know it’s not quilting but I’m having fun!

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  1. If I did something like that for Chris he would think that I’d lost my mind and that I mut be feeling guilty about something! LOL!Deb tells me that you will be in town for the Mid-Atlantic quilt show. We’ll have to meet up for lunch or something. I’m sure I’ll be there Friday or Saturday.

  2. Hey, you can’t quilt all the time. If you did, it would be drudgery. I like reading about your class and your scrapbook pages. By the way, Scrabble is one of my favorite games.

  3. Isn’t he just a handsome hunk of man! :~) I really like this one. Do I have to have photoshop to do this sort of thing? Seems like a fun break from quilting to me.

  4. I just love your scape book pages. You got me so interested, I am looking at updating my elements 3.0 to 7.0 to be able to take the class you did and get started. Does the class talk about printing?

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