Let there be light!

What a huge difference. I could have gotten the longer track – I debated whether to get 6 or 8 feet and went with 6 feet…and I definitely am going to add one more light – maybe even two but it’s already 500% better than what I had in here. And it’s positioned perfectly so no shadows!

By the way, doesn’t that big plain wall need a quilt on it?? Now that I have some light, I need to try and organize the room a little better and put some things on the walls.

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10 thoughts on “Let there be light!

  1. WOW .. let there be light indeed!! great stuff .. there can never be enough light for quilting .. my room is named the cat cave for several reasons LOLhmmm .. how about quilts you made for you .. wonky trees, your heart strings (unless you’re going to use that as a lap quilt) .. but definitely MARY quilts on that wall 🙂hugs


  2. Well look at your new blog!! I love it!! (I haven’t been here in a while, I usually read through my google reader).Yes, that wall needs a gorgeous Mary creation….or a large design wall. I’m jealous of your lights. How amazing it must be to actually quilt without squinting and trying to look through shadows….oh to dream my little dream *sigh* hahah


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