Good times!

Chesty watching for Chris.

Chris & Becky arrive and we break out the Champagne.
Homemade (from scratch) cookie platter.
Our Christmas Eve picnic.
Looking at family photos after dinner.
A father/son moment.
The only thing missing was Adam and he called to say Merry Christmas on his way home from work.

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16 thoughts on “Good times!

  1. What great pictures! Chesty is so cute watching for Chris. The cookies look yummy. Love your Christmas Eve picnic tradition. Merry Christmas to you all and to Adam too!

  2. Merry Christmas Mary to you and your family.Love your picnic tradition!maybe a quilt on the coffee table next year???cookies look yummyChesty looks so cute !Kathie

  3. Merry Christmas, Mary … your holiday picnic looks great .. might just copy it, if you don’t mind! Great idea for a New Year’s tradition … family, fun, games! Flatlander (Linda)

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