If you ever have the chance….

If you ever have the chance to meet an online friend in person – please don’t pass it up. Today I met Cecile (and her husband and son) at a local coffee shop and had the best time. I got to see one of her quilts and a knitted scarf and sweater she’d made for her son. She even gave me some knitting pointers so if I can manage to retrain myself – I might actually knit a bit faster.

Tomorrow, I’m going to meet Suzanne for lunch at the Mall of America too. Keith is amazed that I actually have 2 social events planned in two days.

I had a great walk this afternoon to and from the coffee shop and when I got home, I had postcards in the mailbox from our family exchange. Usually we just exchange one card per month but for December we made it optional to make and send cards to everyone. This first one is from my Aunt and the second one is from my sister, Deb.

I also decided to remake the two postcards I wasn’t happy with, using the split background and the embroidery stitches in the snow since I was so pleased with how the snowflake card turned out.

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  1. Yes, I agree. Jump at the chance of meeting online buddies. I did this last summer and had a great time visiting.Your snowflake card is beautiful. I like the beading and the texture on the white background.

  2. Absolutely! I met up with a fellow quilt-a-holic I’d met on line (turns out she lived about 15 miles from me). Our paths would never have crossed had we not been in the same on-line group and started to chat about where we lived (area of the county). After “chatting” for awhile we decided to meet for coffee one day. We have become the best of friends and even our husbands get along. We’ve quilted together, had “double dates” with our mates and she was there for me when I recently lost a family member. Definitely considering meeting up with an on-line buddy if the opportunity presents itself.

  3. The split background beaded snowflake is my favorite…too bad Ann gets your January card instead of me….BTW, I told Suzanne to give you a hard time for me!

  4. What a great thing to get together! Have a wonderful time with Suzanne.I love the postcard exchange idea. You received 2 very pretty ones, and you are sending beautiful ones as well! Becky

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