Pride before a fall

I was going to write about what a terrible longarm quilter I am – it was that kind of night as I quilted the 3rd of 10 tops for January. This one pieced by the St. Mary’s quilters in CT and sent to me to quilt and donate for HeartStrings.

You probably can’t see the quilting (leaves and loops) which wasn’t the problem but if I ever tell you here that I’m thinking of quilting for hire, please talk me out of it. I felt completely incompetent tonight although in the end the quilt will look fine. (Not great, but OK).
I think I must have been admiring my quilting on the last few quilts too much. You can’t tell so much from this photo but I liked the swirling/dwirling quilting I did on this one and was admiring it as I finished the binding tonight….just before going downstairs to quilt the above top. I must have jinx myself.

Here’s a photo of the back, certainly nothing complex but I thought it had a pleasing flow.

At any rate, that’s one more quilted and one more bound. Progress is being made.

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  1. So what is wrong with that one? I see only wonderful, even quilting. I’m still working on my Christmas Mystery and NYE Mystery. You out do me for sure! I am a night-owl too.

  2. You’re too hard on yourself, Mary … you’re New Year’s resolution should be a little kindness to yourself! The quilts are all beautiful and, as Vicki W said … they will be treasured by the recipients.Flatlander (Linda)

  3. I have been waiting for you to say you would quilt for hire! I admire your quilting alot!!! I’m not one for fussy detailed quilting (no offense to Deb she does beautiful work) but that’s just not my style. PLEASE reconsider and let’s get this venture underway! I have tons of tops that need quilting!!! Jennifer

  4. please. it looks great! I am not great at machine quilting. But I don’t mind. practice practice practice… I rush, don’t ‘take my time, just want to finish etc etc…I do know how frustrating it can be though. thread issues, needles breaking… errr… usually when your on a roll.Wanna do my pile? I got a stack here.🙂

  5. Mary, you are your worst critic. You do beautiful work and sounds like a lot of others think so as well. Sometimes with quilts it can be the fabric, the seams and how they lay, or that the fabric and thread don’t want to play nicely together. You could call your quilting business–From the Heart Quilting–because that’s what you do.

  6. There is a time with every quilt I’ve ever made that I wonder why I call myself a quilter…then I get over it! You will too. I think this looks fine and so will whoever is the lucky recipient! (Maybe you just need some sleep or a bit of chocolate?!)

  7. mary – you are way to hard on yourself .. that is just gorgeous .. I know when I was quilting kyle’s it didn’t feel right – i had no flow – i do not think that it’s my best work, but it’ll do (rather sad as this design is wonderful) but we all feel that way about our work .. maybe when you feel like that, walk away for a bit and maybe piece a block and try to recenter yourselfyou can do my quilting anytime hugsgrace

  8. I was discussing just yesterday with a fellow quilter, that we are too hard on ourselves. When creating something, you are so close and intimate with it, that you see things others never will! No matter what you say, you inspire me!

  9. You do fantastic quilting and yes, if your want to hire out please let me know! I have a quilt that would love to be under your needle!

  10. I agree you are hard on yourself, probably just like the rest of us, me anyways.Have you ever noticed that once a quilt has been washed all those “imperfections” we see when we are six inches away from it disappear?

  11. Hey Mary,Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your quilting is fine. I know how you feel, I am my own worst critic too. Sometimes I hate my work, but my customers end up loving it. I like the flow of this design. It works.

  12. Mary, I’ve been so tickled to see how well you are doing with your freehanding. You remind me of someone else I know ;-), in that you are too critical of yourself and your own work. Now, how do you stop doing that? I don’t know. When I figure that one out, I’ll let ya know…lol.

  13. If it makes you feel any better, after over 10 years of longarming, I still have days when I wonder what ever made me think I was able to quilt for others!

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