I hate to clean!

I’ve done nothing but work on one project after another and again, my sewing room was a disaster (yes, again!). It’s probably a good thing the boys are coming because it will be so much nicer when I go back to work after their trip.

My strings bins were a mess.
I didn’t even bother to throw out the boxes when I opened up the Go Cutter – they were in the middle of the floor with everything else.

Now, it’s all set up for company. The bed is made up.
The string bins are nicely stacked.
The floor and table cleared off. An extra pillow and quilt neatly stacked in the chair.
Thank goodness for these big drawers – all the Happy Block leftovers got stuffed in this one.
And look what’s been hiding behind that design wall – my guest bathroom!
I went through and vacuumed, cleaned, and straightened the rest of the house too so we’re ready for the boys!

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16 thoughts on “I hate to clean!

  1. Enjoy every single minute with them … it’s obvious from the pictures you share that they love you just as much as you love them!Flatlander (Linda)


  2. How wonderful the rooms look. I subscribe to the thought that if I don’t show “before” it never actually looked like that.If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it…..Have a great visit!


  3. Wow. When the guys leave…would you like to come to ND? I have a guest room that could use some un-earthing. And after that, there’s dh’s office. Then there’s dd #1’s room…and ds’s…and the garage. You could stay for daaaays, Mary!!! lol And bring IKEA with you! 😉 And Chesty!


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