Another addiction?

I’ve been taking online photoshop/scrapbook classes and haven’t even finished the current one before signing up for a new one today.

This new one is similar to my Journal Your Christmas class that I had so much fun with in December.

My current class projects are in this online album.

Did I mention I need to spend LESS time on the computer not more? I’m going to sew right now!

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  1. Very nice pages. I liked the one that said “I play With Fabric” I have all the supplies for Scrapbooking for ‘real’ but only find the time to Quilt. It’s my fun. I have thought about trying online scrapbooking but then, I’d miss my sewing machine.

  2. I think you like the log cabin quilting best. You do the strippies quickly but the logs look so good. I looked back over your blogs, and I do think you favour these.Love your photo newsies Mary.

  3. we all joke about our computers being an addiction. Just give it another couple years and it will be labeled so. I refuse to get a new cell phone that has all the internet etc… I just don’t want to be connected ALL the time, Because, yes, I am addicted to my computer!!!Happy sewing!

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