#4 is in progress

I thought I might stay up late tonight quilting but it’s midnight and I’m ready to head to bed with a good book — not so much sleepy as just tired. I’ve been a little sluggish all week and while I’ve been marking some things off my to do list, haven’t felt like I’ve made much real progress.

Tonight I did get this gorgeous basketweave strings top pieced by Sharon loaded and have a good start on the quilting. I’m using the Wandering Daisies pantograph again but I probably could have used anything, the quilting is not showing up but I know the texture will come to life once I take it off the machine.

We’re expecting rain this weekend so we’re planning a quiet one around here — some work, some Scrabble, some relaxing. I should be able to finish this one up by working on it on and off Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. That pattern seems to be a favorite for charity quilts doesn’t it? A great author to read is Harlen Coben if you like a mystery type.Also “the lovely bones” which is a wonderful little book.Enjoy you weekend! I played scrabble at the cottage and use sequoia twice. Kicked the butt out of my friend Mary. A memory to last a lifetime.

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