While I wait

I always seem to want the latest and greatest gadgets so when Amazon came out with the Kindle 2, I avoided looking at it until friends and family started buying them. Once I started looking, of course I wanted the updated one too.

So with a birthday coming up and the old Kindle given to Mom this weekend (we can share books as long as both of them are registered to the same account), I’m waiting for UPS to deliver the new one today. In the meantime, I’m working my way through this stack of mail and paperwork somewhat diligently.

How well do you know me by now?? If you know me pretty well – this didn’t surprise you.

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  1. I want one too but won’t be getting one. 🙁
    I love the pill bottles by the stack of mail, pretty much says it all!!

  2. We bought DD the Kindle for Christmas, and DH is now wanting the Kindle 2 for himself for Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Arbor Day, whatever–just so he gets one! lol

    We may have to get dual Kindles!

    Question, Mary: When doing the string quilts, and stitching and flipping them on muslin foundations, what do you do when you want to add a border? Do you stitch the border fabric to muslin also, to keep the weight of the fabric the same? If so, how do you keep the seams from being so bulky where you join the squares to the border?

  3. I do love my ols kindle but know I would love that new one so at least you’d know what percentage of the book you’d read….good for you.

  4. Well I think you deserved the latest one Mary, you do so much for everyone else, it was time for you to spoin yourself a little. Go for it I say. Oh, and sling the mail in a tray, do it another day. QUilting is far more interesting…… hahaha
    I do think you were brave to put a picture of your computer screen up, hope it cant be copied…..I didn’t spot the pill bottles, thought they might me free samples of something, don’t ask me what though!!!! WHat ‘flavour’ is the candle by the way, it looks lovely. Jan

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