The tumblers are together and I love it – I’m going to bind the sides as is rather than trim them even. I love irregular edges but this will be the first quilt I’ve made with one.

There was a question about the size of the tumblers. They’re cut:
6.5 inches long
6.5 inches wide at the top
3.5 inches wide at the bottom

The last of the errands were run today so tomorrow I should hopefully manage to get back to quilting.

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  1. They’re great! I love the alternating of solid colors with novelty fabrics. It’s so playful! Well done, Mary. 😉

  2. I love it!! You are brave to tackle the uneven border. I will be interested to see how that goes for you. Cute!

  3. Cute quilt! I hope you’ll post info on how to bind edges like this.

    Clueless in Mankato…

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