Carolina Lily

My Carolina Lily quilt came home to me today. Pieced several years ago by Mom, I kept waiting until my quilting was *good* enough — this top has a LOT of white space and filling white space just isn’t one of my strengths!

Deb agreed to quilt it for me and as usual did a beautiful job. Sorry for not having a better photo but both photos should enlarge if you click on them.

Keith kept saying WOW when I opened the box…first just looking at the overall quilt, pattern, and colors and then looking at the quilting. I finally had to tell him to shut up or he’d hurt my feelings 🙂

Thanks Mom and Deb, I’ll treasure it always!

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  1. OMG … that is one GORGEOUS quilt. I can imagine that it’s one you’ll treasure always. I have always, always, always loved that pattern. Sometimes we forget how beautiful “simplicity” can truly be.

    Flatlander (Linda)

  2. I agree, the quilt is extremely beautiful. Have never seen the Lily in such a gorgeous color–usually they are lighter shades. This quilt a WOW, WOW, WOW!! A treasure for sure.

  3. Mary, no doubt you are a very talented quilter, but I just have to echo what Keith said. Wow. The color, design, piecing and quilting is all very stunning.

  4. Hi Mary,
    Of course it is stunning, but why oh why didnt you quilt it yourself. A real family Quilt it would have been.
    And what pray is wrong with your quilting? Looks great to me. Sending a slap to your hubby for making you feel down.
    I think your quilting would hold up Mary. Stop putting yourself down girl. lol Jan

  5. It is beautiful! What a lucky sister you are! (Deb too). I’ve always wanted to make a Carolina Lily Quilt. Hopefully one day I will.

  6. Glad you liked it when you finally got to see it in person. Mom did a great job on the piecing and applique.

    And you can throw it in the washer/dryer to get the packing wrinkles out….I already washed it once, so I know the reds don’t bleed… whew!

  7. Mary, it’s beautiful. That is a gift of love from Mom and Deb. Your entire family is very talented, each has their own way of showing it.

  8. What a treasure for sure… that it was made by two people you love so much and share the love of quilting with 🙂

    and funny about Keith’s WOW’s… I’d be happy with just 1 wow from my husband over anything I’ve shown him… I’m lucky if I get a “that’s neat” :/

    Happy Weekend and Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  9. Mary, I had seen the quilt on Deb’s blog, so I looked for it at MQS, and yes, it is breathtakingly beautiful. Lucky you!!

  10. What a wonderful quilt. I’m sure you will treasure it always, but from what I’ve seen on your blog I think you could definitely have quilted it just as beautifully yourself.

  11. Wow — I want to quilt like Deb when I grow up. (Do you think I’ll still be trying to quilt on the longarm when I’m 80?!)
    What a beautiful quilt – your mother did a wonderful job, too!

  12. what an heirloom. And Deb is an artist! I would waver between packing it away forever, or putting it where I could see it all the time. Okay–get it out to see it all the time wins!

  13. Now this, this is a quilt that warms the heart and soul. It’s beyond impressive, Mary. It’s radiant. I’m inclined to ask about the label… 😉

  14. “Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!” Or “Deb! Deb! Deb!” as the case may be… (All of us with sister's have been there!)

    it is a lovely job, you are lucky to have a piece that you mom & sister made for you!

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