Bad photo; cute quilt

Maybe I’ll try an outdoor shot of this top in the morning ….it is SO much better looking in person.
Thanks again to Kathie for her inspiration — this one was fun to make. (And it really is cute!)

Edit: I had a question about whether I planned to post an instruction sheet for this quilt and while I did use my GO to cut mine out, it can be made from templates too so I will post a quick instruction sheet for anyone wanting to try it out.

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12 thoughts on “Bad photo; cute quilt

  1. Very appealing! I get a sense of movement from the vertical rows. I LIKE it.

    It reminds me of Cup Stacking competitions, the latest rage in my area for elementary students.


  2. It is a wonderful quilt. That choice of blue for the solid pieces was perfect. And what a great way to use up scraps of all of the beautiful fabrics you've used in other projects.

    I'm inspired to try this pattern.


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