Lots of fun stuff in the mail today. First, a pineapple top pieced by Mom. I’ll quilt it and we’ll donate it at Christmas along with another one we’ve already finished.

These two tops are from my friend Cecile – I’ll quilt these and donate them (they’re both so cute!)
And from Nancy, a stack of backings already pieced for my HeartStrings quilts. I can’t tell you what a huge time saver it is to have backings pieced for so many of the donation tops. Between Sheree, Tish, and these ones from Nancy I’m in good shape and I’ll be sending some of the backings to Maine next month for the quilts we’re going to tie at the sew-in.

Now I need to go write thank you emails and let everyone know their goodies arrived safely.

10 thoughts on “Mail

  1. Fantastic, you do a marvellous job Mary. I am in awe of you all the time.
    Can I ask how you piece your backs, I tend to use 1o” [finished] squares so as to utilise most of the fabric from yardage, would be interested to know how you do yours.


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