I’m trying to change my mindset about what I need to accomplish on a day to day, week to week basis. I’m typically very goal oriented but right now I just need to cut myself some slack. Yesterday, I fretted about everything I didn’t get done but today I’ve decided that it’s OK to just be happy puttering without assigning myself specific goals or tasks that have to be accomplished.

I put my music on, loaded a quilt on the longarm, and pulled out some fat quarters to start a new quilt. I don’t want to have to think too hard so I’m making a 16 Patch quilt, one with oversized blocks. I didn’t finish anything but spent several very happy hours just slowly puttering. Keith’s out of town so I might go up later tonight and work a little more if I feel like it.

This is my favorite fat quarter friendly quilt right now – 12 fat quarters makes a smaller kid size quilt.

And 20 fat quarters makes a nice lap size quilt.

I’ve also decided that it’s fine to take several shorter walks during the day rather than one long one. My step average suffered a little last week but I did a lot of kayaking so I’m OK with it for now but I want to get that average back up over 10,000 a day.


  1. Sorry that you are having a few adjustment problems, but that will be overcome once the health care professionals work everything out. Your plan to take a few deep breaths and accept that doing what you can without stressing is amazing. Wishing you well.

  2. Life goes by way to quickly. You need to enjoy the ride. I don’t like it that there are weeds in my garden but I decided to look at the flowers instead! Hugs

  3. Sometimes a to-do list can interfere with an easy stress-free day. I love the days when I just putter around the house without having plans for the day. I like the large 16 patch blocks, and I especially like the colors in your lap size quilt. What size are your squares?

  4. Those 16 patch quilts are the most wonderful projects for a no-stress enjoyable day or three. Cutting yourself some slack is the very best thing you can do, not just now, but all the time. Hugs!

  5. It’s hard to keep on track when away from home, but who would give up those fun times in pursuit of quilting goals. The fabric will always be waiting for you to return to it. I just spent a weekend with family for a college graduation, and came back refreshed. Keep well.

  6. That’s the pattern I used for my king bed quilt! Good for you in adjusting your expectations of yourself. Enjoy puttering during this season.

  7. It’s OK to slow down and take time for yourself. I wish I had better words for you, but enjoy yourself without guilt.

  8. Everyday I need to remind myself that each day needs to be about quality not quantity. When I make a list of what I want to do, more gets accomplished. Cross things off as they get done. However, sometimes I sidetrack myself to another project and add that to the list. Cross it off when finished and I can see how much I actually got done in a day. My dad shared that that with me, so it beings back good memories, and makes me feel accomplished.
    Thyroid issues create a turbulence in our routine and lifestyle. Things will settle down. Nothing can sidetrack your creativity. Sunshine and smiles, D. Weeks (aka Momma Llama)

  9. puttering is not only my fave word
    but also my fave thing to do
    a few years ago I chose a day of the week
    that would be a strictly puttering day
    it’s monday… because the week end
    can be hectic around our house
    so my puttering day is very calming
    and looking back at day’s end
    I find I have usually accomplished a fair amount
    and always look forward to my next puttering adventure
    perhaps you too will decide on a permanent putter day
    try it …you can’t help but like it!
    wishing you sunshine and lollypops…

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