I’ll apologize in advance … there are many posts and photos that did not transfer over from the old blog … years of posts … I’ve looked for options for filling in the blanks and I will be posting some old stuff but I’m not sure how far I’ll end up going with it. It’s impossible to rebuild/repost everything that has been lost.

There are over 8 missing years of posts … I have copies of all the photos and monthly PDF files that seem to be too large for the most part to upload. I’ll probably aim for adding in photos of finished tops and quilts and some summarized family and travel posts.

Unfortunately, for those of you that subscribe by email this will result in your getting multiple old posts. I suggest you consider unsubscribing for now. There should be an unsubscribe link in every email you receive.


  1. Yes, I noticed the big chasm when I was looking for the picture of your table basting system for small quilts. What a gut-wrenching loss! I, for one, am looking forward to rereading whatever you have the time and inclination to repost.

  2. I am going to tell you my opinion. You tried, you did your best. There is no more that you can do and I am sorry that so many valuable blog posts were lost, but the fact is they were. We still have a lot of very valuable information from you. You are loved and your generous spirit appreciated.

  3. Never posted before. Love your blog. Have been following you for several years. I actually enjoy your family posts. I don’t have the kind of intimate family you have and it makes me so happy to see the interaction you are able to share with yours. Enjoy the quilts and all the inspiration you give us.

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