I’ve not had time to sew but I did go into the sewing room yesterday after everyone else went to bed and started sorting through my Green bin. The larger stack on the right are the ones I’m planning to use and I’ll pull more fabric from my stash as needed.


In addition to the brown and green Easy Flock of Geese, I think I’m going to go ahead and cut flying geese while I’m handling those fabrics. (I drafted the original quilt in RWB).


We also had more fun in the pool today … and Adam cooked us a wonderful dinner. I’m feeling very spoiled by Keith, Chris, and Adam!



  1. They love you and spoiling you is just their way of showing it. They are sharing how special you are to them by their actions. I know they learned much of that from you. It is rarely just something that pops up. Can’t wait to see the quilts.

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