I miss my Strings!

I’m having an easy day and working on clearing up some of my photos – I have a habit of taking multiple photos to get the best one and am terrible at going back and deleting the “rejects”.

I delete most of the photos like this one that are just taken to go along with a blog post but this one makes me miss working with my strings! Those bins have been put away for months but now that the last of the moving boxes are gone, I think it’s time to pull them back out.


I looked back to see which quilt I was working on and it was one I finished in January of this year so not as long ago as I thought although the blocks were pieced in November 2017. It’s one I made using our HeartStrings guidelines


3 thoughts on “I miss my Strings!

  1. Your string quilts are my favorite of all the string quilts out there. I made one very different from yours that I have seen, but still a string block with many variations on the same color. Keep on inspiring us!


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