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I’ll never get the archives loaded back online but I’m tempted to print them all out and place them on the shelves of the library…. they’d take up a LOT of space! Yep, I’ve been blogging since Dec 2005 and even though I’ve wondered recently if I have enough to say to continue blogging …  I’m probably not going to stop now .


This is a post I came across in my reading tonight … a schoolhouse quilt found on eBay in 2014.


It took me a few years and help from Mom, but I finally pieced one in 2017 … of course it’s still waiting for quilting and yes, this was an appliqué die from Accuquilt and that’s where Mom’s help came in!


So those posts I make showing inspiration quilts … they do have a purpose even if it takes years for me to get around to making my version!


  1. Beautiful quilt and I know it just takes time to get to all the quilts I have on my bucket list.

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