Happy Blocks for Maine

After finishing the RWB top, I decided to sew the last of the Happy Blocks for Maine. I had a stack of blocks all cut and ready to sew and since the sew-in is next month, it was time to finish them up.


There were 13 of them left to finish … all trimmed now.


I debated back and forth over the last few months whether I was going to go ahead and piece one of the tops myself and send the rest of the blocks to Maine to be used with other donations and had made up my mind to send them all. I’m just working too slowly right?! But I couldn’t resist sorting through them and putting some up on the newly vacated design wall.


And don’t be shocked but once they were up on the design wall, I started sewing them together! Fastest assembly ever!


You’ll also find instructions for these blocks on the website.


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