I debated for a while trying to recreate the part of the blog I lost when I changed providers but it became apparent pretty quickly that it was way too time consuming …. so every now and then I decide to share some older memories … I love that Google Photos pulls photos and creates collages from past events. We made several trips to Lake Superior when we were living in Minneapolis.

The North Shore of Lake Superior | 2011



  1. Neither of you has aged in 7 years. Such a beautiful part of Minnesota. I was only there once even though I grew up near the Twin Cities.

  2. I love seeing the photo with you wearing your Vikings shirt. Todays Vikings vs Packers should be interesting. I hope that you will be able to watch. Go Vikings!

    I enjoy your blog and all the inspiration that you give me for quilting and knitting. May your health and stamina be restored soon. Thanks for all you do!

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