Basket weave rails

You know I don’t work with small pieces so I drafted a quick quilt based on the vintage rail fence I posted yesterday.

I’ll cut my strips 2 inches for a block that will finish at 10.5 inches (11 inches with seam allowances). The squares can be cut from 2 inch pieces or I can even see using some of those small scraps I save that never get used and vary the size but the width of the pieced strip will need to be 2 inches with seam allowances.

Quilt size = 52.5 x 73.5

Block size = 10.5 inches (11 inches with seam allowances)

Set Blocks 5 across and 7 rows down – 35 blocks needed



3 thoughts on “Basket weave rails

  1. Nice. I can see some of my leftovers going into more Quilts of Valor! And no, Mary, no Instragram user here. I enjoy your blog.


    1. I love this quilt and I love your blog. While I do post to Instagram, I also have a blog that I post to with a lot more detail. I love using scraps and very small pieces. Would love to have yours. What do you do with them? Check out my new bag on Instagram tnknitter and let’s discuss how I can obtain your scraps. 😊


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