Sewing spaces

I moved my table outside to trim the last 3 Happy Block quilts … ugh!! All this moving around and taking down and setting up reminds me of when I first started quilting 18 years ago. We didn’t have a separate room for me to set up for quilting so I would set up and take down my sewing machine on the dining room table. What a hassle and what a blessing to have had at least some kind of sewing space in each of our homes since then.


The sewing table is folded up and back in the car. I won’t need it again this trip but now I have to set the sewing machine back up to sew the bindings.


If you’d like to make your own Happy Block quilt I have instructions on the website.

This HeartStrings project used a larger center and we had people trim the blocks down since we were going to combine blocks from different quilters into these tops but if you’re making the quilt yourself you wouldn’t need to trim them down.

We also made blocks with smaller centers several years ago and those instructions can be found here. 

I did a twisted version too.

And just recently a less scrappy version using charm squares. 


  1. Such a good cause you are doing all this sewing for. Darling quilts!! I have never tied a quilt but might make one of these and give it a try. Thank you for the instructions!!

  2. My dining room table for many years was my sewing space and my “office” for correcting papers and writing lessons plans. So, like you, I was very grateful for being able to take over a spare bedroom and my family was probably grateful too. My sewing space in this house is a basement bedroom which isn’t my first choice. But it works and has plenty of room.

  3. I love the charm squares quilt probably because I love charm squares and have so many! This is a nice quilt and I can see making it scrappy.

  4. Beautiful space to set up the table and cut. I so want to sew on my porch, but haven’t made that step yet. That hauling in and out thing! A suggestion-if you use the table for only cutting, check out the local library and ask to use the meeting room. They would have large tables and not having to bring your table would save on some car space. More space for fabric!

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