We were up and on the road early this morning, the drive was going well, and we expected to be home by 8pm …. that’s not going to happen now but I’m still thankful.

In spite of being hit with something from the side causing a flat tire, I’m thankful that the car handled well at 70 miles per hour, that we were able to get off the highway, re-fill the tire with air and limp to Walmart where they’ll get it repaired by this evening before they close. Thankful that there is a nearby hotel that allows dogs, thankful that Keith was with me, and thankful that having made it to Savannah, the drive home in the morning won’t be bad and that we should be home by 12pm.

I’m even thankful for Uber – I’m NOT a fan and never take Uber myself but Keith uses it frequently and was able to get a car fairly quickly to come pick us up and drive us to the hotel so we didn’t have to sit at the auto center for hours!




  1. Gosh, Mary, I’m so glad you all came safely through this. I also just read your post about tracking down family members who’d lost touch. Both of these situations are reminders of how fragile life is. God help us to value the time we have. Hugs.

  2. Sorry about your delay in getting home due to the accidental hit to your tire. I always look at things like this as there had to be a reason I’m not getting home as planned. You’ll at least get to rest and start out early, hopefully refreshed.

  3. I see that your weekend has been as good/bad as ours. Sometimes counting blessings is as stressful as it gets. This weekend we had a tire issue of our own, my son in law had a minor fender bender, but it caused distress because they were on the way to Paul’s 70th birthday party with snacks for the sunset cruise. The other daughter had to go pick up her sister and then made it to the cruise with no time to spare. One extra ticket paid for since the son in law had to wait for FHP, but no problem everyone is safe. Today we awoke to find that my daughter;s cat had died unexpectedly overnight – on my daughter’s birthday. It was very traumatic since they lost their dog 10 days ago. Luckily the cat apparently laid down and went to sleep and never awoke. No signs of pain or trauma according to the vet. Luckily the grandkids took it better than expected and are planning a tree planting ceremony to honor both pets when the ashes are returned. Life is not always easy, but there are almost always blessings in there somewhere.

    Happy you are okay and that there are blessings in your world. Also very happy there was a pet friendly hotel nearby. sometimes they are difficult to find.

  4. So sorry that happened to you all, but so glad Keith was able to get you all safely off the road! What a fright for you all! I hope your day tomorrow is calm. And now you’ll be able to unpack the car in the daylight and relax in the afternoon.

  5. Relieved to hear you are all okay…very scarey. Life is just so fleeting, isn’t it? Sending prayers for your safe rest of your journey home…hugs, Julierose

  6. Delighted that you and Keith are okay and nothing more than a flat tire and a delay happened. I still think back to my son’s accident years ago when he was forced off the road and his car flipped into a ditch and landed on the roof. Scary things happen on the road, so happy you are safe.

    • Yep. and they repaired the tire and we were on our way in the am … and then a rock hit the windshield and now we have to replace that !!!!


  7. Eek… Savannah is a great location with lots of fun things to do. But my guess is you probably didn’t do anything like that. Hope you had a great nights sleep and get back on the road soon.

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