More errands

Finn got his haircut yesterday and today it was my turn.


I usually don’t do so much running around and I was out doing more errands today but first I finished assembling my HeartStrings top. Glad to check that one off the list. The Patriotic Rail Fence is still not loaded on the longarm but that will either happen later tonight if I find some energy or tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “More errands

  1. You have lots of energy – it is just being used to balance out your body right now. I know you are used to getting it all done, but your body says slow down for a few weeks.


  2. I’ve been battling bronchitis for the last week but my battle with fibromyalgia will make the recovery (and my energy level)time that much longer. I can’t begin to imagine your battle with energy after your health challenges this year. Sounds like you are doing great!!!


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