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I wrote about my Apple Watch and it’s activity tracking yesterday but I’ve been waiting for the EKG capability to be activated. I have had arrhythmias for years and when I’m not feeling well, I like being able to see my EKG, it reassures me that everything is OK. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and am receiving a dose of thyroid replacement hormone high enough to suppress my TSH (and the cancer), I’m at a higher risk for atrial fibrillation and I like having the ability to run an EKG if I feel like something isn’t right. I’ve been using a Karda device for a couple years but it will be much more convenient to be able to use my watch and it will store the EKGs and allow me to print them out for my Doctor too. I set up the EKG app tonight and ran a couple EKGs to test it.


  1. Hi Mary! WOW – this is really cool. I had no idea that the Apple Watch had this function, and that you can share it with your doctor. This could be a real life saver. I am sorry you have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I have a good friend that had the same diagnosis and had hers removed years ago quite successfully. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Great capability for anyone with any heart issue. I am happy you are now hooked up so the ekg works. With your background this will help you help your doctors to manage your health.

  3. What a very cool and useful function! I had no idea this was available….maybe someday in the distant future medical insurance will cover an Apple watch for those with known or suspected heart arrythmias! A lot less cumbersome than wearing a Holter monitor!

  4. Very interesting. Hubby has AFib too but it’s regulated really well with Warfarin. Monthly blood tests and no dark leafy greens. I hate broccoli so it’s legally banned in our house.

  5. That is a very useful function. I have an irregular heartbeat that is mostly controlled by meds. I imagine that having this capability gives you just a little more peace of mind.

  6. I downloaded the new EKG update a few weeks ago Mary for my Apple watch. I have tried to record what I feel are flutters, but I guess I’m not quick enough. I’ve had two heart ablations and still have occasional irregular heart beats. By the time I set my wrist on a stable surface, press the watch stem, and get the recording, the episode is over. I don’t understand if this new upgrade will actually detect an AFib episode even if you don’t do that maneuver, do you know? I would prefer an actual alert rather than having to record it myself. I do love the newest Apple watch though and the new features and visibility of the watch face are very nice. I have also had a few fall detection errors when I’m doing something vigorous outdoors like running the leaf blower. But, I really like the fall feature the best, and that is why I traded in my old watch for this new one.

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