Monovision update

I saw the eye doctor again today. I just can’t get clear enough vision with the monovision contact so I’m going to try multifocal contacts which involves wearing two not one contact. I would really love being able to avoid having to take my reading glasses on and off when I’m traveling or out and about running errands and such. I don’t mind the reading glasses at home because I wear them almost constantly but it’s a pain when I’m out or traveling. Assuming this works for me, I’ll probably wear them no more than 50% of the time so I don’t expect them to be all that expensive.

I don’t want to complain about our winter here in Tampa but I wish that cooler, less humid weather would arrive and STAY around. This time of year I try to walk everywhere to get my steps in and boy was it hot walking to my eye appointment. Luckily, I left early and hung out in the a/c at Starbucks for 30 minutes so I didn’t arrive all sweaty! This is just too hot for January!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I have a great view when I’m walking …


  1. I’m so envious of that view. But in weeks I will escape winter for 10 days. Hope you find a good solution to the vision problems.

  2. Thanks for sharing your vision updates. I wear contacts for nearsightedness and have to put on and take them off all the time as well. I wonder if monovision would work for me? I’ve also thought about bifocal lenses, but do enough walking around that I wonder if they’d make my depth perception off when going up and down stairs. As far as the weather in Tampa, yes, I was noticing it’s warmth too. Our trip is coming up in two weeks, and I wasn’t seeing the college temps you had said to expect. Either way, it’s better than 20s and 30s like we have at home now. I’m getting excited to be back in shorts weather!

  3. I meant have to put on and remove my reading glasses all the time! 😂 Proofreading would be good before I hit post comment!!

  4. I am not as blind as I used to be, but with that comes the change from being nearsighted to mostly farsighted. So I still need my glasses to read street signs, but now need them to read also. What a pain. I think as we get older it seems that getting problems adjusted gets harder and harder. I think when we’re young we just adjust, but when we get older, let’s make it adjust to us! Yeah, I too love your view. It’s in the 40’s in Iowa today, the dog and I will take a walk for sure.

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