Mom’s here!

It was a long travel day but Mom’s here in Florida for a nice long visit. We were lucky and none of the flights had delays! I left the house this morning at 4:45am and traveled to Charlottesville through Atlanta … my brother met me at the airport with Mom and the two of us traveled back through Atlanta to Tampa where Keith met us with a big hug!


  1. It is nice that your mom is still able to travel. Enjoy time with her. My mom came and visited me every Christmas after my dad died. (My daughter was born the day of his funeral). She even visited us
    when we lived in California for two years. Our home base is Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She has been gone for two years and I miss the time (and sewing) with her. My daughter has very fond memories of twenty plus years.

  2. Hi Mary! YAY! Have fun with mom – I know you will. Mom looks all ready to go, with her phone out. I know there will be some sewing in the next few weeks. Enjoy! ~smile~ Roseanne

    • We’re looking forward to having lot of time to work on projects together and to just spend time together too!


  3. Your mother is so lucky to have you for a daughter. What a blessing that you will fly twice so that she doesn’t have to navigate on her own. Enjoy this visit with her. Keep us posted as to your projects.

  4. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom. I’m sure she will enjoy being with you in the warmer climate. Can’t wait to see what you both make together. Love your Mom’s smile! Happy New Year!

  5. I love reading about your beautiful and energetic mama. She always seems up for anything, which is probably why she seems to stay so young.

  6. Hug your mom for me. I’ve missed mine for the last 15 years. It always makes me happy to see a friend share time with her mom! Enjoy!!

  7. Mary, I so enjoy reading about the plans that you and your Mom have and seeing pictures of her. I know she and my mother would have had a wonderful time together. I miss my mom so much. Enjoy every minute with her. We had a nice time (dec. 1-3) with my 93 yr old uncle in Largo. I knew there would not have been enough time to get together. Then it was off for 3 days in NOLA and 10 days on a cruise ship. First big trip for me since my heart attack about 13 months ago. All went well. Have a wonderful time with your beautiful mother and Happy New Year to you all!

  8. Mary- I am so happy for you, getting to spend a fun, and love filled visit with your lovely Mom. I lost my Mom 27 yrs. ago. (I’d just gotten her into quilting! What fun we could’ve had!) Enjoy your special time! Happy New Year to you both, and may you have many more together! Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL!
    Brenda King, Bend, Oregon

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