A new car

We love our Subaru Outback and we share just one car between us so when Keith mentioned there were a few features he’d like on the next one and Adam started having some car trouble, we decided we’d go ahead and get a new one for us and pass the current one down to Adam!

I’ve only driven it home from the dealer but I think I’m going to love it even more than I loved the old one and that one was my favorite car ever!! Now I want to take a road trip! It looks a little bluish in this photo but it’s gray with a light gray interior.

I can’t wait to learn about all the new features…. Car Play was one that I was most excited about and it worked perfectly . As soon as I plugged my phone into the USB port, I had access to the GPS from my phone on the car’s video screen and even Siri at a touch of a button on the steering wheel to control my music and call Keith hands free! We had a connection to our phones with the old car too but it’s much more integrated with Car Play.


  1. The new features available for cars make life so much simpler. For us the safety features are wonderful. Love that my car can see so much better than I. It also sees everywhere at once with no need for head turning.

  2. Oh my gosh Mary. We did the exact same thing. Our son was having troubles with his 12 yo car and since he was a grad student didn’t have the funds for a replacement. My dh said, “Why don’t we give him your Outback?”. I said, “MY CAR, but I love my car!!!” But we did and I got a new Outback (my third). Gotta love our Subbies! Enjoy all those new features.

  3. I bought a Subaru Forester three years ago and absolutly LOVE it. Before buying, I rented one on vacation to check it out for a week. Best way to buy a car!

  4. Our car is a 2003 Honda Element. I LOVE it so much, but really do need to replace it but finances just don’t allow it right now. Each time we need to go out of town, I rent a car and have always gotten a Nissan. I love that car play feature. New cars have a lot of gadgets now. They are like when you buy a new phone and feel like you will never know all the features. My car has 64 ways to arrange the seats and after all these years I don’t know or need all of them, lol.
    xx, Carol

  5. I’m on my third Subaru and keep them at least 10 years. My 2009 Forester was still doing well but with driving around the grandkids I really wanted the new safety features. The Apple Car Play was a great bonus. I also took advantage of the Starlink introductory prices. I can start the car, lock it, etc from my phone. Enjoy your new Outback!!!

  6. I am currently driving a Honda CRV which I love … but … my last car was a Subaru Outback and I really loved, loved, LOVED that car. Living in Northern Michigan I found it handled the winter roads like a charm. When the time comes to get a replacement for the CRV … as much as I love Honda and have had NO problems with it … I will definitely be looking at the Subaru again … they really ARE great cars!

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