Framed 16 patches

I finished a little quilt earlier this year from a single Jelly Roll that I’d gotten from Craftsy and I’ve been thinking about making another one – I haven’t calculated how many 2.5 inch strips this one would take but the block size is 12 inches finished and the quilt size is 60×84. I wanted to see how it would look alternating blue and red framed blocks … I’d go scrappy with my strips of course but it’s easier to draft in just 3 colors.

This may be my Jelly Roll project the next time Stephanie pulls Jelly Rolls out of the hat for our Precut Party.

In addition to playing around in TouchDraw drafting quilts, I’m doing some binding and am ready to start sewing my Hexagon flower and 9 patches together – all the blocks are made/appliquéd.


  1. Cool quilt. What a great way to design the colors you will use in a quilt. I’ll keep that in mind for future reference. You always share such great information.
    xx, Carol

  2. I really like 4-patches, but haven’t tried out a 16 patch block. This may have to go on my “someday” list.

  3. That would be very pretty no matter what the colors. It would look nice scrappy too. I am slowly working on a quilt with tiny pieces so I am going bigger for the next quilt.

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