Stash yarn

I changed my mind at the last minute and decided that the next afghan would be from some yarn I’ve had in stash – at a guess I’d say I’ve had it for 2-4 years so it will be nice to work it up into another Ripple.

I’ve ordered a couple books on Ripple afghans and I’d like to eventually do some variations both knit and crochet but for now, this pattern is meeting my need for quick, easy, and mindless handwork.


  1. Funny how satisfying “quick, easy and mindless” can be. I especially like that kind of work while retreating with friends. The work gets done, but really doesn’t interfere with the socializing.

  2. Love the color of this one. One of the reasons I love crocheting afghans is the easy and quick finish…as long as you have an easy pattern to follow. Ripple is an easy pattern. The baby afghan I am working on is the blanket stitch. Also an easy pattern. My first time using it and I am liking it. I am combining two strands together. Baby colors of pink, blue and a very light colored Delicate Green it’s called…Patons Beehive Baby Sport yarn. And off white. I do a strand of the color and strand of the white for a couple of rows and then do all white for a couple and so on. My own as you go pattern. It’s looking pretty nice. Found out the baby is a girl so I will add a ruffle border of pink and white. Sure wish I was as fast as you though!!

  3. I checked out Sheila’s pattern (above). That’s an interesting one too!
    My mindless needlework is tatting.

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