May’s Precut Party

Stephanie announced the “precut” for May a few days ago … my plan is to make one of my Strips and Strings log cabin quilts.

What will you make from May’s “precut”?

May is the month to play in all the skinny things! 
Strips less than jelly roll size, selvages, strings etc. 
If you ever planned to try a log cabin, or a string quilt, May is the month. 

2 thoughts on “May’s Precut Party

  1. Haven’t been able to be online as much lately but sure enjoy catching up on your ventures now and then Mary. I love your strips and strings log cabin. I have to tell you, one of the long arm gals in my guild was fit to be tied this winter when a string of bad weather days kept us from meeting and left her without quilt tops to quilt. The Women, Infants and Children’s program we donate to was down to 1 quilt. So our dedicated long armer made up several of your Quick Strip quilts to have something to quilt and get the program restocked. It sure was fun to watch her pull those finished quilts out one by one!


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