Strips and Strings Log Cabin

Narrow strips and Strings are our “precut” for May which is perfect because I’ve been meaning to make one of my Strips and Strings Log Cabin quilts for a few years now …. time goes by quickly and I think the last one of these I finished was in 2014 not too long after we moved from Minneapolis.

I need 48 blocks and the first 8 are done. Hopefully they’ll go quicker now that I’m back in the groove.

For now I’m taking a break to snuggle with Finn. We got a trip coming up and I want to make sure he gets lots of attention before I leave.


  1. Oh My Gosh!! Look at Finn’s face — he KNOWS what you’re planning!
    He’s so expressive.

  2. What a great quilt to use leftover fabric pieces on. The pups always seem to know when something is coming up. Makes it hard to leave them.

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