I got a backing made and a top loaded on the longarm but it will wait until tomorrow for quilting … I trimmed my sister’s churn dash and have the bright, scrappy binding machine stitched and now I’m being really, really nice and hand stitching it down for Mom!

It’s a long skinny quilt but that’s what Maureen wanted – I won’t call her picky but she knows exactly what she wants so a long skinny quilt is what she’s getting!!

I don’t have instructions posted on this one but the block size is 9 inches ( 9.5 inches with seam allowances) and the sashing is cut 2.5 inches. There’s a small border also cut 2.5 inches. Eventually, I’ll get some brief notes up on the website for it.

11 thoughts on “Binding

  1. It seems funny to say that a quilt with that much black in it is bright, but it really is!
    Gotta put it on my to-do list!


  2. I am especially fond of bright, happy solids combined with black – this one is gorgeous.

    If a tall skinny quilt is what sis wants, so be it. I made my sister a quilt for her daybed, it was an odd size with borders on 3 sides (weird I know) but it looked great on her bed.


  3. Love your churn dash quilt. That black with brights is awesome. You are a wonderful daughter to do the hand binding for your mom. Enjoy.


  4. I totally get it with the long skinny thing. It’s a “recliner” quilt. I’ve made one for the hubby and one almost done for me.


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