Linen stitch

So the linen stitch and the moss stitch are the same in crochet but we quilters are used to that aren’t we?! (The same block having more than one name.)

I decided to make another baby blanket using this stitch and have a purchased pattern that was included in a kit I bought from Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) that had directions for both a lap and baby blanket. For those of you following along on my crochet adventure, I searched for a free pattern to share and you can find it at this link. It’s basically the same as the pattern I’m using except mine has a crocheted border to finish it off.

I’m using a different yarn this time – Caron Cotton Cakes and the colorway is Lavender Fields. I haven’t seen this one at my Michaels but I ordered it online at their website.

Hook size is H. It’s a worsted weight yarn but definitely a lighter worsted than their Caron Big Cakes yarn.

It’s a super easy pattern to crochet and if you get bored easily it might not be for you but I like patterns that I don’t have to stop and read each row when I’m watching something on my iPad. Right now I’m binge watching the show MidSomer Murders on Netflix! Keith goes to bed, I pull out the crochet hook and my iPad, put my headphones in and I’m all set to crochet for a few hours!


  1. Thank you for looking for a free pattern for us. What size is yours and how many chains did you begin with? Did you like the cotton cake more than the other Caron? You are so productive and it is great to see how much y’all exercise on your bikes. Have a great weekend. Hugs

  2. Thank you for the link to that stitch! I like easy patterns because I also watch TV while crocheting. How do you like that yarn compared to the Big Cakes? Very pretty color!!

  3. Love the colors. I wish I had four arms, so I could crochet and follow blogs at the same time. I haven’t been working on any crafts since I posted the start of my ripple blanket you inspired. Gotta prioritize my downtime better.

  4. Why is it that the men go to bed so early?! (Mine goes to bed at 9:00 every night. Exceptions are made for important ball games, but it’s a struggle! I love to stay up and sew. I haven’t been able to watch tv and sew at the same time, though. (I have to look at what I am sewing and look at what I am watching, so it doesn’t work for me.) Hmmm, I am thinking crocheting may be good since you don’t have to look at what you are crocheting if you keep the pattern simple. I may have to learn how to crochet.

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