Flight Status

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for Keith to arrive and using a little known tip I learned a while ago – typing the flight number in Safari on the iPhone will bring up the flight status. No need to go to the airline site or an app to check the status.

In this case, I type DL for Delta and 77 for the flight. He’s on time but it’s storming and they’ve closed the ramps because of lightning so I’m not sure how long he’ll have to sit on the ground once he arrives.

Keith is thrilled to have a direct flight from Amsterdam to Tampa so he doesn’t have to go through New York or Atlanta but with a flight that is 10 hours and 17 minutes long, he might regret that. Of course he still has one connection from Copenhagen to Amsterdam but he figures one connection is better than two!


  1. I went to New Zealand last spring….5.5 hrs to LA then 14 hours to Auckland. Long flights are not fun!

  2. Thanks for the info about easily finding the flight status….that will definitely come in handy! I totally agree with Keith…the fewer connections, the better, especially if you can avoid the huge gateways!

  3. I love the Tampa airport. It is one of the best/nicest we have ever flown into. It is so easy to find your way around, even way out to pick up a rental car. Tampa is such a pretty area. You can have Miami, but we like the Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa areas of Florida the most.

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