I started another blanket today to work on while I watched the Tour. (I finished the linen stitch blanket last night except for a handful of ends to still weave in).

I still haven’t found the right yarn/hook for the corner to corner blanket I want to make – I did a swatch and this yarn had gaps between the blocks that were larger than I wanted for a baby blanket so I pulled it out and started an easy ripple. As you can see, it’s going quickly. This is a Lion Brand sport weight acrylic yarn – I used it once 2-3 years ago and I thought I’d try it again.

I have been very, VERY bad about buying yarn – there have been a bunch of sales and now I have more than enough here for 20+ blankets which sounds insane but I looked back and I’ve finished 15 since the last week of March so I’ll just have to back off the buying and keep up the production!! Seriously, I’m not buying any more yarn right now, no matter how good the sale.

Becky took 9 afghans and 5 quilts back to GA and donated them for me but I still need to find a place to donate the larger afghans.

Adam arrives tomorrow with the kids so I won’t get much done the next 4 days but I did get a start on assembling the Arrow top – I’m about 1/3 of the way done with that.


  1. Oh, that is going to be so pretty! You amaze me with all you get done. I am trying hard to not shop for any fabric but it is very hard. I get daily emails from a few different companies and it is hard to keep from pressing the buy button. I couldn’t do it the other day and bought a Christmas table runner kit from Jordan Fabrics. I need one and I like the kits because I don’t need to think about colors, material, etc. And it was so pretty!!! Lol, my problem is most of it is so pretty!!! And I can’t bear to delete the emails without at least looking at them…UGH! Have fun with your family!!

  2. Love the new afghan! Where do you buy your yarn? I like to have soft yarns, so prefer to buy in a sticks-n-bricks location rather than online where I can’t feel it first…but since we live out in a rural area, my buying options are limited. Maybe if I feel what I like and then look for it online, that would work. So far, I’ve managed to only buy for the current project or maybe one extra…don’t have a stash of yarn like I have a stash of fabric for quilting with. LOL

  3. Mary, Mary, Mary! Do you sleep at all? (LOL!) Your quilts and afghans are so beautiful! 15 done since March, in addition to all your quilts? You are amazing! I love your blog too! Thanks for sharing and being you! Brenda King, Bend, Or.

  4. I love Lion Brand Ice Cream. I have knitted several blankets with it in the last year. So very soft and great colors. I love to make baby hats with it.

  5. So pretty! I wish I’d bought some yarn when I was in the States in May… There are such pretty colors in the US stores… (And it costs so much to have things shipped to Japan after ordering from websites). All your afghans are beautiful!

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