My last day

Another ride along the river to my old neighborhood and a visit to my favorite lunch spot and the library for some genealogy research.

Funny but someone recognized me both at lunch and at the library even after 5 years so that says something about how often I was at both places!

4 thoughts on “My last day

  1. You make a good impression by just being you and there just are not enough people today who say thank with a smile and take time to say hello and look someone in the eye. Just continue to be aware of the people around you and they will recognize you and smile back.


  2. It is definitely a compliment to you that you were still recognized. Looks like you have been enjoying your visit back to MPLS.


  3. It looks like a great place for biking. So nice that people recognized you after so many years. And you seem very comfortable and “at home” being there too.


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