Several people asked me what sashing color I’m going to use … nope, not purple! I’m going with a gray dot. I’ve had this in stash a while and I’ve been waiting to use it with the fabrics from this bin.

I prefer using cornerstones when I sash quilts but didn’t want a large square so I’m going with 4 patches. My sashing isn’t as wide as the vintage quilt but I’m glad I went a little wider than I originally planned – it’s looking good. I’ve got this one half way assembled but I’m going to take a break and bind for a while. I will be posting some brief instructions on my website but if you want details right now, I’ve got quilt notes at this post.

Mom’s been busy too – she got another one of the tops we kitted up for her in January assembled. This was from one of my books but there’s a similar version out there for free too. Lanterns quilt.


  1. Thank you for showing your Moms’s quilt top. I have a batik jelly roll I’ve got ready to use and have 3 possible patterns. But now I want Christa’s pattern. I’ve been reading her blog for years and somehow missed this freebie. I do love yours too and that gray dot and 4 patches are perfect for that quilt.

  2. I said if it were mine it would be purple, but I could not wait to see what you did. I love the gray dot because it pops the kite blocks and creates a calm and cohesive quilt with interest in the squares!

  3. I love the setting you are using with the kites and the 4-patch cornerstones. Wow! Looks great.

  4. That gray dot is (a) GORGEOUS (where did you find that?) & (b) PERFECT! This one is shaping up to be another beauty! I love your “Lanterns”! So bright & colorful!

  5. Hi Mary! Oh, that dotted fabric looks just perfect as sashing especially with those cute little four-square cornerstones. Geez, this is one cute quilt top. Makes me want to go make one myself. ~sigh~ Too many distractions – I need to stay focused. HAHA! And your mom’s quilt looks fabulous. I love all the bright colors – that black background really makes them pop. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I love how you used the four patch blocks as cornerstones with the wider sashing. The grey dot fabric is an inspired choice.

  7. Love the beaded lantern with the black background. And I like the kite quilt a lot more with the sashing and 4 patches.

  8. Love your sashing on this! And the 4 patch cornerstones look great! I would have never thought of that. Thanks for the idea!

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