The little bow tie top is assembled but not with out help from my seam ripper! I almost walked away but didn’t and I picked out 3 seams so I could flip a section around. In spite of some problems with the assembly, I really liked making these blocks and I’m looking forward to using these dies again!

The lighting for the photo is terrible but that’s as good as it gets at midnight in my sewing room!

No borders on this one either … you might have noticed, I make a lot of quilts without borders both because I’m recreating vintage quilts that don’t have them a lot of times but also just because I like quilts without borders!


  1. That little bucket is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? LOL! This is cute as a button (to go with the bow ties)!

  2. Hi Mary! This is such a fun and happy quilt. It doesn’t bother me if you do or don’t add borders – I’m often on the fence about them myself. Sometimes they aren’t added because of the size alone. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. The quilt looks great but our circadian rhythms are very different and I wouldn’t have been awake at midnight much less worrying about a picture of any sort!

  4. I love your quilt! I am a no border person. I have lots of scraps and fat quarters to make more blocks and not much yardage in my stash. I would much rather make more blocks than add borders anyway.

  5. I love the quilts you have shared over time. I never thought about your quilts not having borders. I’m really drawn to the quilts you stitch and my next one will be one of yours too so I must like quilts without boarders too!
    xx, Carol

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