More shells

After the large shell blanket I need something quick and easy. This is a one skein project and you can find the pattern details at this post – I made a similar pink one a while ago.

I’ve got a ton of yarn for blankets … way, way too much but when I look at my results over the last 4 months, I’ve been very productive so as long as I’m using it, I’m OK with the large stash. And no, I haven’t kept up with my goal of not buying yarn 🙃. Seventeen of these 19 will be donated. I know the completed column says knitting completed but this is my knitting and crochet database … it’s just that I’ve been mostly crocheting lately.

7 thoughts on “More shells

  1. Amazing what you have accomplished. That yarn must fly though your hands. Every time I see one of these it makes me want to run right out and buy some of the yarn. Do you like this one better than the Big Cakes? Love those colors!


  2. Happy Sunday!! I see you found the Moon Mist I have been putting in my niece’s afghan. It looks really nice in the shell stripe!! I’d like to know what the final measurements are for this afghan when you are done, if you don’t mind. Are you getting the winds and rain from the hurricane you thought you might?


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