Precut Party results

You know I love my spreadsheets! In my quilt database, I’ve been keeping a record of the precut projects I’m working on. Stephanie randomly chooses a precut each month and my goal is to make a top from that precut. During the month I also note any other precut projects I’ve worked on and as you can see in January, I counted all the precuts I gave to Mom for her projects. Hey, as long as they get used, I don’t care whether it’s in Mom’s projects or mine!

Do you keep records of your projects?! I’ve already told Stephanie, that I plan to continue the party into next year – I have a lot of precuts!

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  1. No spreadsheets or records on what I make. I’m lucky to keep up with life. We own a large house, a large river cottage, an RV, a large pull behind camper and 4 dogs. I have a tremendous flower garden and I quilt constantly. Because my hubby has beginning dementia and ADD, I take care of all bills and any projects that need to be done. I used to be be like you and keep up with records but not now. Turning 74 soon has mellowed me and I’m taking life as it comes each day.

  2. This is a great idea — both the spreadsheet and the monthly assignment. I have plenty of all the different pre-cuts, and I like the idea of focusing on one each month, obviously in addition to whatever else I’m working on. After 16 years of retirement, I’m finding I’m missing structure in my life, and this could provide just enough to make a difference. Thanks once again, Mary!

  3. Just this year I started keeping a spread sheet. I have lots of tops I’m trying to get done plus of course I’m starting new projects. Mine has start date (or estimated start date if an existing top), date it became a top, size, pattern name, how many total yards I used and how many of that yardage was new (retired now, not as much NEW!) and finish date. I should have done this long ago!

  4. I have a small spreadsheet for UFOs and WIPs but leave off start dates – mostly because it would depress me to see how long some projects lay around before I pick them up again and finish them.

  5. I have never seen a database like the one in your photo. Please share the program you are using. Seems I am so deep in UFO’s again as well as many good intentions (Gi) that I need help.

  6. You are so organized! I do not accomplish enough to even start a spread sheet. But I do wish I had taken a picture of every quilt I have made along with notes on pattern, any changes, etc.

  7. Notebook paper is my friend! Rather than a spreadsheet, I have a list of my works in progress under categories like “needs to be pieced”, “needs to be quilted”, “needs borders”, etc. I’ve done this for several years now and it is interesting to see where I tend to stall out. While this basic method works for my quilting, I would like to learn to use a spreadsheet for the books I read. The notebook paper method is too hard to search!

  8. Oh, I wish I were organized to keep track of my projects. In fact, if you asked me what all I’d made this past year, I’d be hard-pressed tl tell you! I really do need to get better organized with my to do list. I printed out some freebie printables to do just that & just haven’t done it yet. One more thing for my never-ending to-do list… LOL!

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