Quilter’s Meet and Greet

A couple months ago Benita of Victoriana Quilts invited me to be a part of her Quilters Meet and Greet for 2019. 

I’d like to welcome new visitors and thank you for visiting! My name is Mary Johnson and I’ve been blogging here at Making Scrap Quilts from Stash since 2005. 

My passion is donation quilting and while I’ve made plenty of quilts for family, nothing in my quilting life is more rewarding than wrapping a quilt around someone going through a difficult time.

Not only do I make and donate quilts myself, I help lead the HeartStrings Quilt Project – an online group that has been making and donating quilts since 2007. String quilts are a passion for me … what could be better than taking leftover bits and pieces and making a quilt that can wrap someone in love?!

I also maintain a website where I post free instructions for quilts that I make and share on my blog. I love finding and recreating vintage quilts and then sharing the quilt with my blog readers. And how fun is it when you can take a Jelly Roll and recreate a vintage quilt?! You can find the Instructions for my Spools quilt at this link.

While scrap quilts are my favorite, I’ll admit my most popular quilt is my Quick Strippie. I love hearing about individuals and groups using my quilt instructions for comfort quilts and hundreds or even thousands of these quick little quilts have been made and donated. I originally designed this quilt back in 2002 when I got my first longarm. Everyone said to practice but I didn’t want to waste my time practicing on muslin so I needed something quick to piece that would be nice enough to donate. I have made so many of these quick quilts over the years and it’s the first quilt I made for each of my grandchildren! One yard of a cute novelty fabric paired with 2 fabrics from stash. How easy is that?!!

You can find many of my string quilts, scrap quilts, and my versions of vintage quilts at my MaryQuilts.com site

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  1. Yes I have made a few of your Quick Strippie’s over the years, all for donations. Thank you for all your free patterns Mary!

  2. I have been following your blogs for several years. I have also made great use of several of your patterns for the various groups I donate quilts to. I enjoy keeping an eye on your family as the grand kids grow up.

  3. Hi Mary! I’m pretty darn sure I have made a few of your quilts and referred people to your website, unwittingly. I guess I didn’t put you together with your other website! Thank you for all of your sharing. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I’m not sure how I first found your blog, but I love reading it and am inspired by all the quilts and afghans you make. Inspiring. Take care in the hurricane.

  5. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog, but not the last. Oh my, that strip quilt is lovely, as are the rest. I just printed the Quick Strippie, since I have some novelty fabrics that will be perfect for it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Hi Mary! Quilting for a cause is a very generous and caring thing to do. Your patterns are inviting and perfect for including others to join in a benefit quilt along. Thank you for sharing!! It is a pleasure to meet you:)❤️❤️ —Tracy

  7. I’ve made several of your Quick Strippee quilts since finding your pattern. And I also enjoy doing the string blocks. Thanks for sharing your patterns!!

  8. I love all your quilts Mary. Thank you for so generously sharing the patterns for donation quilts. I do work on quite a few of them myself.

  9. First time on your blog. It has inspired me to use my stash for good causes! I’m enjoying this blog hop and meeting new bloggers.

  10. Nice to get to know you a little better. I am totally impressed with how much you get done! Amazing.

  11. Love strips quilts and any use of my scraps. Am just finishing two scrappy quilts up now. Your tessellating pinwheels is mesmerizing. 🙂

  12. Mary I have been following you for years. Glad to see your are on this blog hop so others can get to experience all of the quilts you make. I have made several of the strippie quilts for charity.

  13. Your Quick Strippie quilt is such a fun quilt to make. I’ve made about 5 of them, maybe more, some for donation, one that lives in my car and one that was donated to a family member going through a rough patch. The Strippie quilts always turn out so beautiful and are perfect to make I need a project where I want some easy sewing. Thank you for your design.

  14. Hi Mary, Love seeing your quilts. I follow your blog. It is one I look at every day I am on the computer.Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  15. I finally found someone who enjoys making those string quilts as I do. I made some for Project Linus as we have so much scraps that need to be used. I will start checking your blog spot soon.
    Sept. 4, 2019

  16. Love your Quilts!! I have made your Strippie Quilt a few times…& I loooove scrappy quilts too!! Thank you for sharing all you do…you are such a Blessing.

  17. I have tons of kids novelty fabrics so your Quick Strippie pattern may become my new best friend. I’m going to sign up to follow you even though I spend way too much time reading blogs and not quilting.

  18. I am visiting from the meet and greet, and I am looking forward to spending some more time on your pages. Your string quilts are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  19. What a wonderful blog – I will be following. Stash quilts are my thing right now. And how kind of you to donate quilts – it does warm your heart, doesn’t it.

  20. Mary I was happy to find your blog. I went to your web site and bookmarked it for a later date I belong to 2 guilds that do donation quilting and we are always on the lookout for quick easy patterns. Thank you for sharing your patterns. Your quilts are beautiful. String quilts are one of my favorites and are the blocks I make when I am stressed, they are therapy for me.

  21. Hi Mary! I am Jayne and a fellow guest on Benita’s Meet and Greet. I love that you focus so fully on making quilts from your stash. I would be wise to do the same thing. And mostly I do, but sometimes a gal just has to shop!! Your creations are beautiful -as are you for being so generous in donating them.

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