I’ve been looking at Fan quilts on eBay… I want to make another one so I’ve been looking at different layouts.

Fan Quilts from eBay

That got me thinking about the method I’d used on the quilt I finished in 2017. I couldn’t remember which book I’d referred to for attaching the fans to the background with a bias tape I’d made from the border fabric.

Luckily, I have my spreadsheets and the blog to refer back to. I knew the quilt had been finished in 2017 so I looked at the database to find out which month, then I went to my blog archives (the files I keep for the blog posts that didn’t transfer when I changed web providers a year ago) and found the entry I was looking for.

The links don’t work in my files but I knew I could find the name of the book just from the author’s name and I did by searching on Amazon. I’m not a stack and whack quilter but she has great instructions for several ways to attach fans and Dresden plate blocks – several easy methods!

Of course, then the challenge would be to actually find the book … I’m still looking for that missing Eleanor Burns Quick Trip book but I glanced over my shoulder – I was sitting in the library – and would you believe it was right there!! No searching needed. Don’t look at the dust on the bicycle bookends! I need to do some housework.

So after spending a couple hours with all of this, you’d think I would be ready to make a Fan quilt, right?! I can’t see it happening in the next few months but at least I’ll have this post to refer back to when I’m ready.


  1. Those fan quilts are really pretty but not something I see myself doing. I would like to do a small Dresden Plate quilt or table runner someday. I’ve decided to do easy quilts for now to work through some of my stash. And I still have a couple of time consuming quilts to finish up. That will keep me busy for a while. Too many beautiful quilts out there to make and not enough time!!!

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