Hourglass quilt

I love Hourglass quilts and want to make another scrappy one but I want a larger block like this vintage quilt from eBay although this is probably a 6 inch rather than the 8 inch block I want to make.

I’ve got a 4 inch finished die and I’ve made a couple quilts from it.

This one that I gave to Becky

And this one was donated.

I know that I can make these from squares but once you’ve used the die with the tips already cut off, it’s just so easy you don’t want to make them any other way although I did make this one from a Layer Cake (10 inch squares).

I have a 6 inch flying geese die but I don’t like the layout on the die and it only cuts two shapes from each layer … I feel it’s more wasteful than my smaller die that is laid out in a square and cuts 4 shapes from each layer.

6 inch finished QST die

I decided I would request a quote for a custom die and see if they can make me one that isn’t too expensive. I drew a quick photo to include with my request so we’ll see what they say.

5 thoughts on “Hourglass quilt

  1. Hi Mary! I think it is fascinating that you can request a custom size die. I look forward to hearing about their response to your request. Happy Monday and quilting. ~smile~ Roseanne


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