I’m transitioning to vacation mode today … last night I finished up my 18th tied quilt at the Maine sew in … yes, there were a number of smaller ones in the stack this year but I’m OK with that!

A stack of finished quilts AFTER some had already been given to Laura to take with her to donate. I have no idea what our final number will be but Brenda was counting so maybe she’ll post the number after they finish up today.

I’m taking 6 tops home with me and will quilt and bind them and bring them back to Bev in April to donate.

So, I slept late this morning, checked out of one hotel and into one in downtown Portland, walked over to Becky’s diner for lunch and will head to the airport soon to pick Keith up! We even have a small water view from the hotel room.

4 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. You sure accomplished a bunch on your working vacation… yay! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Do you know who they’ll be donated to?


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