I’m not a shopper

Normally I hate shopping but we did wander around Freeport this afternoon. I’m a bit of a bag HO so when Keith saw me getting ready to walk into this store he snapped a photo. Unfortunately the bags were VERY expensive. Made from sails … they were neat but I wasn’t about to pay $75 for a small one even if it did look like it would be the right size for one of my knitting projects. Can you see how thrilled Keith is to be shopping?! Really, neither one of us likes to spend much time shopping so we’re well suited.

Of course you know we ate while we were out too … this was lobster roll #6 … yes, I’m at one per day so far (not counting Sunday when I arrived). It’s a good thing we head home on Tuesday or I’d go broke at this rate!


  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE bags too. I used to make them all the time and I need to get back to it. I would not be able to pass up a lobster roll, however those french fries don’t look very appealing. Funny, when we go shopping, which is not that often other than groceres, I find a nice place for Terry to sit and tell him I’ll come back for him. He doesn’t care because I didn’t ask him to tag along in the stores.
    xx, Carol

  2. I doubt you would go broke and think a lobster roll is well worth the current rate. A $75 bag made from a sail is ridiculous to me. Of course my best friend would say the bag is worth it and the lobster rolls not so much. We all get to choose what to do with our resources so go forth and enjoy your time in Maine with Keith.

  3. I am not a shopper either. And a $75 bag, no way!! I make simple tote bags. The pattern I have can be made to any size. I made one for me using canvas and jean material. It is my favorite bag for carrying projects etc. Enjoy the rest of your trip and those lobster rolls. Keith’s soup and biscuit look very yummy too!!

  4. I have refused to buy one at the price they sell them! But, when you are done this trip, I’d love a review of your favorite lobster rolls. I love lobster and have a few restaurants we love in Portland for dinner…Scales and Evo and Union are among my favorites. We mostly go walking distance from the ferry….our puppy doesn’t love us to be gone to long.

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